How to Make the Most of Your Technology Infrastructure Management Review

Technology Infrastructure Management

Technology infrastructure management is such a prominent component in today’s business world, and it’s important to know how to utilize it to its fullest potential. One way in which to do so is by conducting year-end IT reviews, where you can take a step back and reflect on which processes are running smoothly, and which ones need improvement going into the new year. There’s a lot to keep in mind for these reviews, not just in terms of what you go over, but why you are doing so and how it can benefit everyone on board. This way, you can maximize efficiency to improve your bottom line, and increase overall productivity. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of conducting end-of-year IT reviews, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to tinker with your current technology infrastructure.

Why Infrastructure Management Reviews Are a Must

It’s no secret that infrastructure management and a well-run IT program can greatly benefit a company. When analyzing the stats, it becomes clear that businesses do better and are more secure when utilizing IT solutions. IBM indicates that companies that have a well-organized incident response plan can reduce the costs of a data breach by 61%, and those with security AI and automation can lower costs by 70%. Further, companies that heavily utilize technology see a 4x increase in revenue growth, and a 6x increase in average employee growth rate.

So why are IT reviews a must? Well, since utilizing technology can improve operational efficiency, generate plenty of cost savings, and increase security against cyberattacks and other threats, it’s necessary to analyze just how these benefits are achieved. Basically, if something is working well, you need to see why it is working well. And what better way is there to do that than to conduct a year-end review where you can analyze every detail?

How to Review Technology Infrastructure Solutions

Now that we know the “why,” we must dig into the “how.” In what ways can an end-of-year review provide your company with all the nitty gritty details it needs to know to make way for improved initiatives? Here are the top things to consider when conducting a technology infrastructure management review:

  • Highlight General Issues and Pain Points – IT infrastructure management services are a moot point if not everyone is on board. Consider starting your review with a general survey of all your employees. Ask them how they’ve used your technology, as well as what issues they’ve faced, and what can be changed to make their jobs easier. By indicating employee pain points, you can make the necessary changes to keep everyone at their best and increase retention levels.
  • Review Technology Policies – Outdated policies are obsolete policies, so a year-end review is a great way to determine whether they need updating or not. Whether this is analyzing password security, public wi-fi use, social media, or even bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, employees will benefit from staying up-to-date on changing information.
  • Plan Out Necessary IT Upgrades – Between software continuously needing upgrades and hardware eventually getting outdated, a year-end review can help highlight which of these need to be replaced or improved upon. Truth is, making these changes on the fly can cause quite a disturbance in your general workflow. By planning ahead for your IT upgrades, you can more easily implement the necessary changes and experience reduced downtime as a result.
  • Do an Account Status Audit – As processes change and develop throughout the year, account permissions can often get thrown out of sync. Consider conducting a quick account status audit to determine if all of your employees are provided with the permissions they are supposed to have. Review your admin-level permissions to make sure they are in line, as the fewer people with these permissions there are, the lower your security risk is.
  • Internal First, External Second – Once your internal processes are analyzed, and necessary changes are mapped out accordingly, it’s a great idea to look externally. This can include a full-fledged review of your website design, user experience for both mobile and desktop, and other important customer-facing technology outputs. See what outsiders see when they look in at your company, and use this to your advantage to make lasting changes that’ll further improve your bottom line.

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