The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit Organization’s IT Operations to CRA

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit’s IT Operations to CRA

CRA Provides Exceptional IT Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

More nonprofit organizations are becoming savvy to the benefits of outsourcing IT operations. When budgets are tight, it may seem counterintuitive to spend money on managed IT and consulting services. In truth, such solutions can help streamline your budget and maximize your current funds. Taking advantage of all that modern IT operations have to offer will also give your nonprofit the competitive edge. From cloud computing resources to IT staffing solutions we’ll help lay the groundwork for your nonprofit’s long term growth and success. We can provide you with the expertise, agility and security that you’ll need to thrive in the nonprofit sector for decades to come.

Our Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit’s IT Operations to CRACRA is ready to assist with managed IT services, cloud computing, IT consulting services and IT staffing solutions.

Managed IT Services

CRA offers managed IT services through Manage360°, a customized business management solution. This comprehensive model is ideal for nonprofit organizations because it saves time and minimizes costly technical issues. The benefits of outsourcing are maximized because we tailor solutions to your nonprofit organization’s needs. Our managed IT services will help you manage your resources and remain compliant. Through managed IT we can also help you avoid downtime and ensure timely recovery of all your precious data should disaster strike. Continuity and reliability are critical to the visibility and impact of your organization’s mission.

Cloud Computing

CRA offers cloud computing services. Cloud computing keeps your hardware and software resources off site and accesses them remotely. This is ideal for nonprofit organizations for a multitude of reasons. For example, it spares you from having to budget for and buy the hardware yourself. Instead you can have top of the line hardware that is scalable on demand. For example, if you suddenly require hard drive storage space CRA can simply allocate more. Cloud computing through CRA can include public, private or hybrid access for users. Back-ups are seamless, ensuring that all your data is secure. You won’t have to worry about your own IT staffing and training either. Our team of experts will be on standby, ready to assist you.

Cloud computing also facilitates collaboration between your organization and its advocates. Volunteers and partners in your mission can work remotely and always have the latest file versions at their fingertips. Our DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) solution can transform any device into your work computer, allowing you to remain secure and compliant without increasing your overhead. CRA also offers high-quality communication solutions including voice, data, email and videoconference technology. The ease of collaboration enhances cooperation between organizations expanding your reach and attracting more grantors.

IT Consulting Services

At CRA, we provide consulting services that help your nonprofit thrive while maximizing your financial control. One of the benefits of outsourcing to CRA is that all our solutions are customized to your nonprofit organization’s specific needs. From the design of IT infrastructure to migration and implementation of services, CRA has you covered. We understand that things can change quickly in the nonprofit sector. Technology changes quickly, too. Let us provide you with flexible solutions and keep your IT assets upgraded and protected so that you can remain competitive as your nonprofit organization grows.

IT Staffing Solutions

Although budgets for staffing in the nonprofit sector tend to be tight, the benefits of outsourcing to CRA will save you money. Our IT staffing solutions encompass numerous specialties beneficial to nonprofit organizations. We can help you assess your nonprofit’s needs to come up with the best staffing solutions for you. For example, if you’d like to develop an app for your nonprofit we can help you hire a developer and support for the application. We can also help you find the right data analysts for everything from donor patterns to social media traffic. From advertising to approval, CRA’s IT staffing solutions save you time and money.

Discover the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Operations to CRA

Are you ready to transform your nonprofit organization with cutting edge IT? Contact us for a free evaluation of your IT operations to benefit from our consulting services and business solutions.

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