Why is CRA’s Inclusion in an Inc. 500 List Important?

Computer Resources America or CRA has since its inception in 1992 provided advanced IT support solutions for enterprises, small and medium businesses and government agencies.

Having survived and actually thrived during the IT bubble of the late nineties and the rigors of a harsh economic slowdown, CRA has shown how innovative thinking and the ability to adapt can succeed. The value proposition for businesses and IT departments has been very significant. It’s no wonder then that Inc. Magazine has chosen to feature CRA over many other IT solutions providers in its prestigious Inc. 500 list.

An IT Feather in the Cap

The inclusion in the Inc.500 list is where some of the best companies in the United States are featured, too. It simply suggests that CRA has been able to achieve what many enterprises are still struggling to achieve.

As a premier print publication, Inc. Magazine’s annual listing of the best companies and business leaders is considered a very authoritative source for the entrepreneurial landscape in the US. Its incisive surveys, analysis and articles on trends in businesses and market dynamics – including advice for new enterprises and investments – are considered a top notch repository for professionals.

For anything or anyone remotely associated with business and looking for ideas and inspiration, Inc. magazine provides just the right information. When a publication of the stature of Inc. Magazine chooses to honor CRA – keeping in mind CRA’s offerings and growth parameters in recent years – it surely means business.

CRA – the game changers in the IT space

For a “minority business enterprise” like Computer Resources of America to be delivering this kind of 360 degree support services and IT tools 24×7 and 365 days a year, says a lot about their vision and innate desire to excel.

From effectively managing businesses, to countering technological snags and loopholes, to offering superior project planning and strategic management – they have consistently catered to a wide number of clients at exceptionally flat rates. In fact, very few companies in the IT space today, whether big or large, can think of this vast palette of offerings like CRA does.

Interestingly, the Inc. 500 recognition takes into account a host of factors before featuring companies in this prominent list. Apart from profit margins and growth parameters, it cautiously measures company’s offerings vis-à-vis their potential for growth and ability for innovation. For CRA, it is this knack for breaking new ground that has earned them the rare distinction of being the most comprehensive IT solutions provider in New York and in the US.

Total Support to Specialized Solutions and Everything in Between

Highly affordable, dependable and with years of experience in enterprise consulting and training behind them – CRA has honed itself to offer you comprehensive service in three broad areas. These include management support and monitoring, short and long term IT solutions planning and management and personalized and effective staffing services.

From core computing assistance, to monitoring networks, creating practical IT support design and planning costs to developing disaster recovery options – it is CRA’s skilled technical staff and smart solutions which is giving businesses their competitive edge in today’s dynamic environment.

The coveted Inc. 500 listing has only propelled CRA to excel further and conquer many more such milestones in future.




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