Why a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is the Right Solution

Are you expanding your business and do not know how to address issues you with IT network downtime? Do you want comprehensive security management of essential company data including a robust and secure system to ward off threats like viruses, spam and intrusions? Only an MSP is the right solution for equipping businesses against all these hazards.

What are MSPs?

MSPs help companies maximize productivity by managing, monitoring and troubleshooting issues for selected IT systems and functions. MSPs offer services such as data backup, security, alerts and patch management, recovery and maintenance of desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems, networks and applications. When companies outsource these crucial IT functions to MSPs they can better concentrate on successfully running their core businesses instead of having to bother with IT issues they are not best equipped to handle.

Is a Managed Service Provider the Right Option for My Company?

There comes a time when a company, big or small, has to make essential and often mission-critical decisions about its IT network management.  Managed services are recognized as the right solutions for businesses. Larger enterprises with IT departments are increasingly relying on MSPs to hand off ownership of certain aspects of their IT needs. It provides flexible and agile management of IT resources, without issues due to the bureaucracies of large corporate enterprise.

If your company’s time is spent managing IT instead of growing your business, then it’s definitely time to consider a managed network service.


Your company is increasingly technology-reliant

IT demands are outpacing your ability to satisfy them

IT costs are uncontrolled, unplanned and not properly budgeted

More time is being spent dealing with multiple IT vendors and providers

What Kind of Issues will a Company Face without Adopting a Managed Service?

As businesses grow, the dependence on technology to achieve greater efficiency will increase, and with that a need for maintaining those complex IT systems will arise, too. When issues with backup, security or data recovery become evident, the speed of business invariably is affected as well.

When critical processes like email servers, customer relationship management software or financial applications run slowly, it negatively impacts business and sales. The upcoming cessation of Microsoft support for XP is also going to increase chances of data theft and spyware attacks.

In such a scenario, only an experienced MSP can adequately take care of routine IT infrastructure, monitoring and round-the-clock security maintenance.

Benefits of Adopting CRAs Managed Services

The benefits of adopting CRAs managed services are:

  • Reliance and accountability of a proven provider with 20+ years’ experience at the forefront of technology
  • New technologies and cloud computing abilities to monitor on-site as well as off-site IT network of companies
  • A well-developed partner program, ensuring all your needs can be met with a single point of contact.
  • Superior backup, security updates and disaster recovery options
  • Seamless voice and data traffic services
  • Managed services can accommodate migrations of any size or scope, from simple desktop migration to large scale infrastructure projects

An MSP offers an extensive array of managed services is ideal for both small and large enterprises.

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